Building Bridges Box F.A.Q.

What is the Building Bridges Box?

It’s a monthly subscription for women that offers a fun treat with variety of products that promote self-care, awakens the senses, and inspires relationship building . We aim to foster a community for women to come together, enjoy fun things, and live life with through our digital community space in our Facebook group page and private group (for subscribers only).

How do I send a box as a gift?

Once you have reached the check out step of subscribing to the Building Bridges Box, you will be prompted to enter your billing address. There is a checkbox in the upper right hand corner that asks if you need to enter a separate mailing address. If you are gifting a Building Bridges Box subscription to someone, this is the place to enter THEIR mailing address. You will be billed, but the box will go to them. At this time, if you want to get multiple people gifts, you need to go through the process for each person.

Why should I subscribe to the Building Bridges Box?

Lots of reasons, but I’ll just give you a few:

– You are a hardworking, fun-loving, want to try new things kinda woman that DESERVES to take a break and to treat yourself.

-You are a stay at home mom that needs a reprieve from baby talk and receiving a monthly treat open curated JUST FOR YOU is exactly what you need to remind you you’re not alone

-You like supporting small businesses that include minority, women, and Veteran owned business

-You believe in selfcare and treating yourself to something FUN just because it’s….fun

In a world full of chaos, a nice monthly reminder to not take life for granted and live life to its fullest. Time is not promised; so enjoy the good things now. #treatyoself

What is my investment?

Investment? In a subscription box? YUP. Self-care is an investment in yourself and your well being. The Building Bridges Box is more than just some sub box and additional expense. It’s curated with you in mind – think of it like you’re receiving a fun and exciting gift every month from a virtual besty, Mo. The monthly subscription is $54.99 + $8 S&H.

What is the subscription cycle?

Boxes are billed for on the 15th of every month and mailed at or around the 29th.

Subscriptions started BEFORE the 15th day of each month will make it on time for a shipment date of the 29th day of the month.

– Sign up between 1st – 15th day of the month, your box will ship on the 29th day and you’ll receive your first box the following month. Ex: Sign up BEFORE April 15th, your box will ship on/around April 29th and received first week of May.

– Sign up AFTER April 15th, your box will ship on/around May 29 and received first week of June.

When does my payment come out?

Your subscription payment will automatically come out on the 15th of the month, every month.

Do you save my payment information?

Building Bridges Box does NOT save your payment information. We let the payment processors handle all that fun stuff. You can update your information (including payment info) in your member account. See the “Account” tab in the menu up above? Clicking on that is the easiest way to get there.

When do the boxes ship?

The boxes will ship out on or around the 29th of every month, with the exception of February. In February the box will ship before the last day of the month.

What is your return and refund policy?

We do have a return and refund policy. You can find it by accessing the link in the footer menu.

What if I have questions?

Please email them to me at with “BBB Sub Question” in the subject line.