The Building Bridges Box is a subscription box for women who yearn to build deeper connections with themselves and within their community.

About Us

Monica DeGroot in USAF uniform positing with her dog.

Hi! I’m Mo.

I’m claiming 2023 as my year!

This year, I am not negotiating – not even with myself. Letting go of the shackles that has bound me for many years, my childhood and adult traumas, the negative thoughts that creeps up and hinders me from living my life to its fullest – I say no more. Jesus paid the ultimate price so I may live. And that’s what I’m doing

Starting my company is just the beginning. To be able to share my story and serve women and meet them where they are, to grow and bloom together, is exactly the purpose God led me to after experiencing what I have gone through.

My hope for this box and for the community that we’re building is to provide a space for women to live life with, through the bumps and detours life take us through at times.

We are a military family. Both my husband and I serve in the military. We met 11 years ago when we were both active duty in the United States Air Force. He remains in active duty and I am currently a reservist. We have one beautiful pittie and one fun-loving kiddo.

I understand what it means to give from an empty cup. To put the needs of others before your own. I know all too well the isolation that comes from being a woman in the military, a mom in a new community, and simply just feeling the weight of the world wondering if I’m doing any of it right.

Sound familiar?

I realized there was a reason our grandparents used to say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I believe it takes a village to simply live our best lives in today’s world. We all need a support in some way, shape, or form some days.

I hope that the Building Bridges Box becomes that point of connection for you and other women who need it most. I look forward to connecting with you and bloom together wherever we find ourselves being planted.

Monica DeGroot stands in front of a sunflower field in Hawaii, March 2023.

Building Bridges Box is a minority female veteran owned small business.